About Me

Hi everyone Bobbie here from the music capital of the world, Seattle WA, and I’m the guy that made this website.

Music has been a hobby of mine ever since I was a kid, with the acoustic guitar being my first ever instrument. At the time Billy Joel was my hero and my dad had written Billy Joel Band in black texter on the guitar. It was rad and I went around telling all my friends that I was actually in the Billy Joel band haha!

I soon progressed onto one of those cheap no-name electric guitar brands (I can’t remember which one) with a small 10-watt amp that allowed me to annoy the crap out of the entire family with my amateur shredding.

In my early teens, I learned to hold a basic rock beat on the drums and then onto some basic covers on the keyboard. From then on I’ve messed around with pretty much any instrument I could get my hands on.

I love testing out new gear (the more obscure the better) so if you have any instrument requests please leave a comment or ping me a message here.

I hope you enjoy my website and thanks for stopping by!


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