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As a guitarist, you may sometimes feel limited by the tones your instrument produces. Your guitar’s sound may also not truly compliment your playing style or music genre. Adding a chorus pedal to your gear can make an incredible difference to your sound – provided that you are using the right pedal.

There are many different chorus pedals available, and choosing one that is easy to use while providing you with sufficient sound customization can be tricky.

In this guide will be reviewing some of the best chorus pedals for guitars. We will also discuss chorus pedal basics to help you make an informed buying decision.

The Best Guitar Chorus Pedal: Our Top Pick

If we had to choose just one—which was hard to do—our top pick would be the Elcectro-Harmonix Neo Clone. We’ve reviewed it first for your convenience, but the summarize, this model incredible in its simplicity. It delivers fantastic sound without a ton of switches and settings to slow you down—the price isn’t bad either.

Review of the Top Chorus Pedals

Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone – Best Chorus Pedal Overall

The Neo Clone has a basic circuitry and is based on the original Small Clone which was, incidentally, one of Kurt Cobain’s favorite effect pedals.


Key Features

  • Mini-pedal format
  • Controls for rate and depth
  • Sockets for input, output, and power
  • True bypass
  • 9-volt power supply only
  • Analog pedal


What I like

The Neo Clone from Electro-Harmonics is one of the simplest models in this list and is incredibly easy to use. It features a single knob for adjusting rate and a switch for depth. This chorus pedal is ideal for live performers as the single knob and switch make it easy to operate on stage. Because of the pedal’s simplicity, it is also suitable for beginners.

Despite its durable build and high-quality design, the Neo Clone has an affordable price, and the sound it produces is consistent and warm. It also has a compact design, a feature that many guitar players prefer.


What I don’t like

The Neo Clone has no real drawbacks in terms of performance, usability, and sound quality. One minor issue that you have to adjust depth with a switch, and fine-tuning is not possible.



  • A versatile, yet simple chorus pedal
  • Compact size
  • Analog pedal
  • Easy to use in any setting
  • Excellent value for money
  • High sound and build quality



  • Depth adjustability with a switch that can’t be fine-tuned


Because of its high-end circuitry, simple operation, and compact design, this all-analog chorus pedal is our top pick for this list.


Overall Rating – 4.9 of 5



Boss CE-2W Chorus

The CE-2W is a highly versatile chorus pedal that gives a step away from the noise in terms of responsiveness, quality, and authenticity.


Key Features

  • Analog chorus pedal
  • Controls for rate and depth
  • Standard/CE-1 mode switch
  • Buffered bypass
  • 9-volt power supply or 9-volt battery
  • Sockets for input, two outputs, and power


What I like

The CE-2W only features two control knobs, namely a rate and depth, so you may be forgiven for thinking that it is somewhat limited in terms of fine-tuning. However, this chorus pedal is suitable for a wide range of playing styles and, with the CE-1 mode switch, you can access the chorus effects of the CE-2W’s predecessor.

The CE-2W is ideal for guitarists who require a vintage chorus effect but don’t like spending a lot of time on fine-tuning their pedals. The pedal is easy to use, and you can easily and quickly switch between the CE-2W and CE-1 features, even while you are on stage.


What I don’t like

This chorus pedal is not without its drawbacks. The CE-2W’s price tag is too high, especially if you take into account that it doesn’t feature the parameter controls you will typically find with other models in the category, for example, level and controls for mid and low frequencies.



  • Switch between CE-2W and CE-1 styles
  • Compact design
  • Durable build
  • Suitable for a wide range of performance settings
  • High sound quality



Price is too high

Lacks standard parameter controls

While the CE-2W may not be suitable for everyone, it is worth considering if you require analog mechanics and easy setup.


Overall Rating – 4.7 of 5



TC Electronic Corona Chorus

The Corona Chorus from TC Electronic is a powerful, simple, and versatile chorus pedal, but it has a low price tag in comparison with other models in the category.


Key Features

  • Controls for speed, depth, FX level, and tone
  • Three-way switch for chorus/TonePrint/tri-chorus
  • Sockets for two inputs, two outputs, USB, and power
  • True bypass
  • 9-volt power supply or 9-volt battery


What I like

The Corona Chorus is relatively straightforward with four knobs for speed, depth, tone, and FX level. The pedal also features a three-ways switch between chorus, TonePrint, and tri-chorus.

These control settings provide you with ample chorus customizability. This pedal is ideal for seasoned guitarists who know precisely what they are looking for in terms of effects.


What I don’t like

It doesn’t feature built-in effect presets that you can access with a switch, and you will have to spend time to find the optimal settings for your playing style. Because you have to figure out the parameter settings for yourself, this model may not be suitable for plug-and-players or beginners.



  • High sound quality
  • Durable casing
  • Highly versatile
  • True bypass for retaining the tone
  • Sockets for two inputs and outputs



  • Not suitable for guitarists who require preset chorus settings


The Corona Chorus from TC Electronic is highly versatile and comes with several high-end features to add value to your rig, including TruePrint technology, true bypass, and sufficient parameter controls. If you want the best guitar chorus pedal for the money, this model is worth considering.


Overall Rating – 4.5 of 5



MXR M234 Analog Chorus Pedal

The M234 from MXR is a responsive, all-analog chorus pedal that is popular among guitarists who prefer complete EQ control and classic effects.


Key Features

  • All-analog bucket-brigade circuitry
  • Controls for level, rate, and depth
  • Low- and high-frequency control
  • Buffered bypass
  • Sockets for input, output, thru, and power
  • 9-volt power supply or 9-volt battery


What I like

If complete tone control is a priority for you, the MXR M234 may be your most viable option. In addition to low- and high-frequency parameter controls, this pedal also features a rich chorus and authentic textures – thanks to its bucket brigade circuitry.

This pedal is ideal for old-school or seasoned guitarists who prefer all-analog pedals to blow life into their playing style. The M234’s price is relatively low, especially considering its sound quality, features, and high-end design.

This chorus pedal is versatile, durable, easy to use, and the ideal addition to your gear if you value performance.


What I don’t like

The only issue with this pedal is the quality of its buffered bypass. When turned on, the M234’s bypass tends to muffle distortion, which can be a deal breaker for some guitarists.



  • Affordable price tag
  • All-analog with bucket brigade circuitry to provide a rich chorus
  • High sound quality
  • Reliable with a durable construction
  • Easy to use
  • Moderate versatility



Buffered bypass quality can be improved


If you are looking for old-school chorus effects, high value for money, and an all-analog pedal consider the M234 from MXR.


Overall Rating – 4.2 of 5



DigiTech Nautila

The Nautila pedal from DigiTech offers a combination of chorus and flange effects. This combo pedal brings a lot of value to the table for all playing styles and situations.


Key Features

  • Chorus and flange combo pedal
  • Controls for mix, drift, speed, depth, emphasis, and voices
  • Two-way switch between chorus and flange functionality
  • Sockets for two inputs, two outputs, and power
  • True bypass
  • 9-volt power supply only


What I like

The Nautila features a flexible chorus section that consists of eight chorus effects and four flanger voices. As a result, it is suitable for a wide range of applications.

This pedal has an exciting design and durable construction. It is ideal for guitarists who don’t mind spending time experimenting with their sound. The Nautila is not as simplistic as, say, the Neo Clone, and you will not be able to find the perfect effect settings in a matter of minutes.

While the difficulty of using the pedal may seem frustrating, it has the added benefit of providing you with sufficient sound customization potential.


What I don’t like

The model has no drawbacks in terms of performance or quality, but it is relatively expensive. The pedal’s complexity level can also be considered a minor issue.



  • High sound quality
  • Exceptional sound customization
  • Interesting design
  • Durable construction
  • Dual functionality as chorus and flanger pedal



  • High complexity level
  • A relatively high price tag


The DigiTech Nautila is a worth considering if you require complete control over your sound customization. In addition to customization, this model is also the epitome of quality, performance, and durability.


Overall Rating – 4.7 of 5



Dunlop M148 MXR Micro Chorus

This chorus pedal is the simplest model in this list with a slim, low-profile design, and only one parameter control.


Key Features

  • One control for rate adjustment
  • Sockets for one input, one output, and power
  • Analog technology
  • True bypass
  • Bucket-brigade
  • Slim format and simplistic design
  • 9-volt DC power adaptor


What I like

The M148 MXR is an analog pedal that focuses primarily on ease of use. Despite the pedal’s simplistic features, it provides a wide range of sounds that you would not expect when looking at it.

The pedal has only one dial for rate adjustment. There are no parameter controls for things like depth, chorus volume, or tonal changes, but it produces a rich sound and, as a result, it is ideal for guitarists of all skills levels who want to develop their sound and experiment with the possibilities that the chorus effect has to offer.

It has a compact size and a durable casing to extend its lifespan. For the value the pedal has to offer, it has a low price tag as well. If you are looking to incorporate chorus effect to your playing style, this pedal may be ideal, especially if you don’t need a pedal for public performances.


What I don’t like

While it may be beneficial to private and beginner guitarists, the simplicity of this pedal may be limiting to professional guitarists.



  • Easy to use
  • Analog technology
  • Delivers an authentic sound
  • Affordable price



  • Basic controls limits sound customization


The Dunlop M148 MXR is ideal for guitarists who value simplicity and quality.


Overall Rating – 4.1 of 5



EarthQuaker Devices Sea Machine V3 Super Chorus

The Sea Machine V3 from Earthquaker Devices is a suitable addition to your gear if you value complete effects customization.


Key Features

  • Controls for animate, dimension, intensity, depth, shape, and rate
  • Sockets for input, output, and power
  • Analog and digital hybrid
  • True bypass
  • 9-volt DC power supply


What I like

The first standout feature of this pedal is its circuitry, which is a hybrid crossover between analog and digital. The result is an authentic sound that you get with analog pedals with selection between different modes and the reliability that digital circuitry has to offer.

The six parameter controls allow you full sound customization and fine-tuning to achieve unique tones that suit your playing style.


What I don’t like

With the Sea Machine V3, prepare to take some time to learn the pedal. If you are not a seasoned guitarist, you may also have to experiment until you find the tone and effects you want.

Because of the pedal’s wide range of features and headroom for sound customization, it has a high price tag. The pedal may also not be suitable for guitarists who don’t have extensive experience with guitar tech.



  • High-quality pedal
  • Benefits of analog and digital circuitry
  • Complete sound customization
  • Reliable and durable pedal
  • Six parameter controls for added versatility



  • Expensive model
  • May be difficult to use


The Sea Machine V3 is a highly versatile chorus pedal with its six control parameters, crossover circuitry, and wide range of effects and tones.


Overall Rating – 4.6 of 5



TC Electronic Dreamscape

The Dreamscape is a well-known chorus pedal and is widely prevalent among guitarists, regardless of playing style. It is highly versatile and comes with several high-value features.


Key Features

  • Controls for speed, depth, FX level, and TonePrint
  • A three-way switch for bright, normal, and dark
  • Sockets for two outputs, two inputs, and power
  • 9-Volt battery or 9-volt power adaptor
  • Chorus, flanger, and vibrato combo pedal
  • TC Electronic’s TonePrint Technology
  • True Bypass


What I like

The Dreamscape is a combination pedal that features chorus, vibrato, and flanger effects. As a result, it is a versatile pedal that provides you with complete sound customizability.

This pedal is ideal for guitarists who want to achieve a clearly defined sound and complete sound customization without the added complexity. Despite the combination of sound effects and parameter controls, the Dreamscape is easy to use. The four parameter controls are intuitive, and you will be able to achieve the ideal effect for your playing style without having to spend too much time.


What I don’t like

Because the Dreamscape is a high-end pedal with plenty of sound customizability, it has one of the highest price tags in this list.



  • Highly versatile
  • Ample sound customization
  • Easy to use
  • Provides a combination of three effects



  • Very expensive


The Dreamscape is the chorus pedal for the professional guitarists who want complete customization and a unique tone.


Overall Rating – 4.7 of 5



Source Audio SA 242 Gemini

The SA 242 Gemini from Source Audio offers three styles of chorus and is worth considering if you are looking for a boutique-level chorus pedal with complete tone customization.


Key Features

  • Parameter controls for depth, speed, mix, and tone
  • Sockets for two outputs and control input
  • MIDI compatibility
  • Bulky size
  • Features three chorus types
  • Fitted with universal bypasses


What I like

The SA 242 Gemini delivers a deep chorus and a high sound quality. With this pedal, you can tune the chorus effect to precision, as it features three chorus types and four parameter controls that include depth, speed, mix, and tone. The SA 242 Gemini also features universal bypasses, expression control, and tap tempo.

Because of this pedal’s customization features, it wholly versatile and suitable for a wide range of performance settings.

If you couple the pedal with Neuro Hub, it is MIDI compatible, and you will be able to save up to 128 presets. This feature is especially beneficial for live performances and recording.


What I don’t like

Unfortunately, the pedal is only MIDI compatible if you couple it with Neuro Hub, and it is also relatively expensive. If you are looking for the best value for money, this model may not be the best option.



  • Features for sound customization
  • Three different chorus effects to choose from
  • Features a parametric EQ
  • MIDI compatible to save several presets



  • Requires a hub to save presets
  • High price


The SA 242 Gemini from Source Audio is a chorus pedal for professionals and beginners alike with its customization features and MIDI compatibility.


Overall Rating – 4.3 of 5



Chorus Pedal Buying Guide

Before shopping for a model, there are several things that you need to consider so that you can find a product that suits your unique needs. In this buying guide, we will be taking a look at what a chorus pedal is and how it works.

We will also take a look at buying considerations like complexity levels, the controls, and settings that you may need, and the applications for the chorus effect.


What is a Chorus Pedal?

A chorus pedal “thickens” your signal by copying it and modulating the duplicated signal’s pitch and timber. The result is a chorus of signals that adds color to your sound as if many guitars are playing.

A chorus pedal typically features depth, rate, and tone knobs so you can control how dramatic the chorus effect should be.

There are chorus pedals for guitar and bass players, so when shopping, pay attention that you don’t purchase one that you will not be able to use.


How to Use a Chorus Pedal

Many guitars players are tempted to go overboard with the chorus effects that their pedal has to offer. However, if you don’t use the effects in moderation, you are at risk of diminishing your guitar’s natural tone.

Ideally, you should place your chorus pedal near the end of your sound chain to apply all effects before the signal reaches the pedal’s input. If there are effects after the chorus pedal in the sound chain, it can result in a muddy tone that is difficult to control.


Buying Considerations

Your Skill Level

Skill level does not necessarily refer to your guitar playing skills, but rather your ability to achieve the effect you desire with your guitar equipment. If you don’t have extensive experience in fine tuning your equipment to get the tone you want, you may not be able to make full use of an overly complicated pedal.

Try to be honest with yourself about your skill level regarding your guitar equipment. There are many high-end and responsive pedals available that only feature only one or two controls, but that is highly responsive and adjustable.

Quality and Design

The design of your chorus pedal refers to its size and format, and there are many different designs available. Chorus pedals can be thin, bulky, or designed to fit with rigs. Design is not a crucial buying consideration; however, as it is not likely to affect controls or the pedal’s performance.

Quality and durability are essential buying considerations, though, since you will be stepping on the pedal with your foot. Pedals with solid metal boxes typically have the longest lifespans, and if you come across a cheap or low-quality finish, it may not be worth your while.


Controls and Settings

The controls a chorus pedal features are, generally speaking, not an indication of its quality or performance. The number of controls can range from one to six. Some pedals may even have more controls and switches.

The most common controls include:

Level – This control is sometimes also called volume. With the level knob, you can control the volume of the chorus effect. This control does not influence the overall volume of your sound.


Low – This control adjusts the level of the low frequencies.


High – The same as the “low” control, but for high frequencies.


Rate – The rate control adjusts the amount of delay in the chorus effect. When something doesn’t sound right, chances are this control is the culprit. For the best results, use the rate control in moderation.


Depth – The depth control dictates the intensity of the chorus effect. This control is more forgiving than rate, but going overboard with this setting is also detrimental.


Footswitch/Bypass – This control can be a switch or a knob, and its function is to turn the bypass on or off. This feature is handy if you want to override specific signals from your pedal chain and only apply the effect to other signals.


The rate and depth controls may be labeled differently, but they are the core controls of a chorus pedal. To find the perfect rate and depth setting combination, you may have to do some experimenting.

Complexity Level

Your pedal’s complexity level is significant and depends on your requirements. If you simply want to plug in the pedal and find your perfect sound quickly without spending a lot of time on experimenting, you don’t require a highly complex pedal.

On the other hand, if you enjoy spending time finding the perfect chorus effect setting to complement your tone, a pedal with many different configurations may be more suited to your needs.

Analog or Digital

Many guitarists prefer analog models as they typically produce lower noise levels than digital pedals. An analog pedal can also give some added warmth to your sound. You may, however, prefer a digital pedal as this type is generally more affordable, and they offer many different modes that you can use to enhance your sound.

Consider your needs carefully before choosing between analog or digital. However, most high-end chorus pedal will meet your needs if you select one with all the parameter controls and affects you require.


Suitable Applications for the Chorus Effect

Chorus is not a set and forget effect, and there will be times when you will not need a chorus to enhance your tone. There are instances when you can optimize the value of the chorus effect, for example, with clean sections or if you are playing a solo with a distorted guitar.


Do You Need a Chorus Pedal?

A chorus pedal can dramatically change your sound and help you achieve the tone that you want. If your guitar doesn’t produce the tone you can hear in your head and that you need to compliment your music style, you may need a chorus pedal.

A chorus pedal will not automatically help you achieve your desired tone, however. You will have to spend time to learn the pedal and the effects the different settings have on your tone. If you are not willing to invest the time, consider a simple, yet responsive chorus pedal with tried-and-tested effects to enhance your sound.


Final Thoughts

If you are like most guitar players, you require a chorus pedal that finds the perfect balance between functionality and usability.

The Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone has everything you need for a wide range of performance settings, including an authentic sound, complete sound customization, and a durable build. This pedal features a handy mini-pedal format, controls for rate and depth, and analog circuitry.

Even though the Neo Clone features minimal chorus adjustment features, we deemed it the best chorus pedal because it provides a high-quality sound, user-friendly operation, and a reasonable price tag.

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